Upstate Church Collective Stories

What a disciple of Christ is

by Celina Ledford

When I first heard about Upstate Church Collective, the program was introduced as an opportunity to grow in understanding of what a disciple of Christ is and how to then go out and make disciples. I knew that I had discipled / encouraged others in their walk with Christ in my own way, but I desired deeper understanding and resources to be able to use in my circle of influence. I did not know how much of an impact it would make in my ability to communicate the entirety of discipleship and what that looks like, but even more surprising was my need to understand all of the competencies myself. For example, the competency of intimacy was extremely insightful and challenged me to view time with God not as a checklist to-do because I'm a believer, but all of the other competencies of a disciple feed off of that intimacy that we get to have in Christ. My UCC Track One coach, Glenda, came alongside me for many months as we dove into scripture together and I got to taste and see the fruit of consistent intimacy with God and it changed my understanding of daily joy and confidence through seeking to know God in a way that I had never allowed myself the time to experience. Track Two has also been so impactful, to get to grow alongside other women within my cohort as we explore Reading to Understand scripture and soon how to teach scripture! I can't imagine a more gracious environment to grow and apply what we're learning. SO thankful for UCC!